About Earth Wrapping


Earth Wrapping is a family owned business based on the Fraser Coast, Queensland.  Our mission is to offer beautiful, functional, reusable, Earth friendly alternatives to every day items around the home, which would normally be used once then discarded.  

We hope to create an awareness of the small choices and changes we can all make in our lives, because every one of us contributes to the whole.  If every single person made just one change in their habits and removed one disposable item from their daily lives, imagine the difference that could make globally!    

We believe in supporting local business and see the importance of keeping money in local communities, so because of this, we still sew most of our products ourselves and attend our local markets to sell our wares.   

As we get busier, we're discovering the need to outsource and so a number of our products are also handmade by other local women in the Fraser Coast area.  We've loved creating this network of women, all working together in the drive to support our families and make conscious choices for the good of our planet. We truly value the beautiful diverse range of talented women and mothers who are coming forward to join us on our eco journey.

Another method we've adopted as a way of expanding our reach and continuing to broaden our ability to raise awareness of the issues our planet is facing, while maintaining our ideals around keeping money in local communities, is our market stalls.  We have an expanding number of women who are running their own businesses in their local area, using Earth Wrapping as their platform.  We've been lucky enough to come across some amazing like minded people who are passionate about the same things we are.  They operate on their terms at times that suit them and their families, no pressures or contracts from our end, just a love for our planet, each other, our families, and for what we can achieve as a team and a united front.   We're constantly on the look out for people on the same path as us so we can continue to expand in this way.  

Working together to wrap our Earth in love, not plastic!

About Us


Hi, I'm Belinda and together with my mum, Kerrie, we are the creators of Earth Wrapping.  We currently live in Maryborough, Queensland, and have lived on the Fraser Coast for 30 years.  I have always had an interest in all things natural, I began my studies as a naturpath in 2002, but got side tracked and have worked as a massage therapist and energy healer.  Through my studies of herbal medicine I came to better understand the negative effects that chemicals and plastics can have on our bodies and our environment and have tried to make choices to lessen their presence in my home.  

Since having my 3 beautiful children this has become increasingly important to me,  especially with a history of auto immune disease and sensitivities in my family.  I see the differences it makes within myself and my children by choosing to eliminate obvious irritants from our home.  I'm by no means perfect in this pursuit, (and suffer from my fair share of mummy guilt!) but I try not to focus on this, instead on the things that are within my reach and easily achievable.  The small steps and changes all add up. 


So Earth Wrapping for me is not just a business, it's an extension of the choices I make in my own life.  I love being able to create and source a whole range of human friendly and planet friendly alternatives and it makes me happy to be able to offer these products to those around me.